Mimecast – Security Awareness 101 > Tips 2 Cyber Resilience

Webinar - Security Awareness 101 > Tips 2 Cyber Resilience

SPEAKER: Openlogix and Mimecast.

Openlogix is a Mimecast partner and an authorized Reseller. Join Openlogix and Mimecast for this 60-minute webinar.

We’ll be learning about:

  • The latest release of the Mimecast platform, at-a-glance, what’s new NOW and what’s NEXT!
  • Mimecast Email Protection, Making Email Safer for Business‎. Cloud Services for Security, Archiving and Continuity. Data Leak Prevention. Impersonation Protection. Attachment Protection.
  • How cybersecurity awareness training is a critical part of a cyber resilience strategy.
  • What if you use Google, Barracuda, Cisco, Proofpoint, Synmantec or other services?
  • How cyber resilience can help organizations be better prepared for inevitable Office 365 downtime.

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Mark Sabbagh

Mimecast Sales Specialist & Technology Sales Advisor at Openlogix Corporation.

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