What's your Email Security Approach?

Email is the number-one application used to communicate. It’s also the number-one vector for cyberattacks. Protect, manage and archive without compromise.

Secure your company with Mimecast:

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Feb 7th, 2019 at 2PM EST: Security Awareness 101 > Tips 2 Cyber Resilience

Speakers: Mimecast Personnel

Join Openlogix for this 60-minute webinar to learn about: The latest release of the Mimecast platform, at-a-glance, what’s new NOW and what’s NEXT!Mimecast Email Protection, Making Email Safer for Business‎. Cloud Services for Security, .

Mimecast - Integrated Cloud Suite

Everything you need to achieve cyber resilience for email.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get these questions all the time. If you have any other questions, please feel to reach out.

Why should I buy Mimecast from Openlogix?

Mimecast is moving toward an entirely reseller partner driven distribution model for all product offerings. As a trusted business partner, Openlogix aims to help you build a strong risk management strategy that adds demonstrable business value, is simple and affordable to implement, and adapts with your organization’s growth.

Do you share any large files or send messages securely with sensitive content (i.e. – SS#’s or credit card info)?

Mimecast can give your users the ability to send and receive large files up to 2 GB’s while bypassing exchange. Mimecast also offers Secure Messaging which will make sure to encrypt a message automatically if sensitive information is found in the message.

Has Exchange or Office 365 downtime been an issue or concern for your organization?

If yes … Mimecast offers 100% email uptime if your server goes down. Users are still able to send and receive email in 100% real time from Outlook, their mobile devices, or Mimecast’s web portal.

Has your organization been a victim of phishing attacks?

Mimecast offers url, attachment, and whaling/ceo fraud/spoofed phishing protection.

How are you archiving your emails and is storage a concern?

Mimecast offers unlimited email archiving storage and retention. There are zero storage charges and Mimecast can import your existing email data into the Mimecast archive, so you’ll have access to everything pre-Mimecast.

Has unwanted spam been an issue for your organization?

Mimecast has very granular policies to combat all types of spam. Mimecast offers a multi-layered approach and can give your users the ability to manage their own blocked and permitted sender’s lists.

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