Hybrid Cloud Practice

Hybrid Cloud = Private + Public + Traditional IT – IBM defines Hybrid Cloud as the secure consumption of services from two or more source, including private cloud, public cloud, or traditional It to enable any of the following:
  • Integration of applications, data, and/or services.
  • Composition, Orchestration, and Management of Workloads.
  • Portability of data and applications.

Cloud Service Offerings

Turn your ideas into solutions faster using Cloud. We can help you do that. Cloud can be very intimidating. Let us help you with a Pilot! We have experience Cloud Advisors that can help you whether you choose IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure. Here are some of our offerings around Cloud:

  • Cloud Adoption & Strategy
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Management
  • Workload Migrations
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Storage, Data Platforms & Analytics
  • Mobility & Security
  • Hybrid IT Management
  • Cloud Integration

API First Approach

We recommend building the API first and then build your web or mobile applications on top of that API. This forces you to design an API so that it’s a more functional, generic and is developer-friendly REST API.

Cloud First Approach

Here is why organizations – small to large truly need a cloud-first strategy.
  • Solve problems faster.
  • Time to Market – Turn your ideas into actual solutions much quicker.
  • Facilitate rapid growth through scalability.
  • Helps protect against costly data breaches.
  • Build Agile, Scalable application much faster.

Try us for a Cloud Pilot?

Openlogix can help simplify your Cloud journey, increase agility and realize business value faster. Discover the most efficient options to provision and manage cloud resources.

Openlogix can help figure out if a “Cloud-First” approach is the right approach for you or not.

  • Do you where to start?
  • Which applications to move to the cloud?
  • Which cloud provider do you need to pick?
  • How do you accelerate your journey to the cloud?

Talk to us if you have an idea and you want to try the Cloud-First Approach. Contact our Cloud Practice: cloud@open-logix.com