worklight training is the first step

Understanding how to utilize a powerful tool like IBM Worklight is important in furthering your mobile strategy. Training is the first step. Collaborative learning is a great technique that we embrace at OpenLogix. We are now offering IBM Worklight Workshops to train you on the tools to start using IBM Worklight and the Mobile Foundation. During a Worklight training, you will get the basic knowledge of understanding the concepts of IBM Worklight and how it can be implemented to make an application. You will also have the ability to get hands on application building toward a tailored starter application that you may continue to grow and expand.

We have two different workshops. See the details below.

3 day workshop

This quick crash course gives you a basic understanding of the IBM Mobile Foundation. This Worklight training will also provide the knowledge to not only install IBM Worklight to ready your mobile team, but also build applications utilizing the fundamentals of the Worklight Framework.

Some learning objectives are

  • Understanding Concepts of the IBM Worklight Framework
  • Installing and configuring IBM Worklight
  • Basics of the IDE and Project Layouts
  • Building a cross-platform applications
  • Creating back-end connections with Adapters
  • Authentication Adapter basics
  • Building and deploying applications
  • Utilizing the Worklight Web Console
  • Testing and debugging applications using Worklight and the Mobile Browser Simulator
  • Direct Updating and Disabling
  • Understanding application deployment
  • Create  a tailored start application

 5 Day Workshop

The 5 day workshop will be similar to the 3 day workshop, but it will also have some more involvement with the rest of the IBM Mobile Foundation. A member of our mobile team will be able to help guide the starting process of your mobile strategy to help you build momentum in the right direction. In addition to the 3 day workshop material, more training objectives you will have are

  • Understanding  and using Shell based concepts
  • Utilizing runtime skinning
  • Understanding WebSphere CastIron
  • Understanding Tivoli Endpoint Manager
  • Understand the IBM Application Store and App
  • Custom tailoring the Console, IBM Application Store, and the Store App
  • Custom-fitted consultation for MEAP/MCAP implementation

We have flexibile training schedules, and these workshops can be tailored to your companies specific needs. Please contact us if you would like more details at

10 day pilot/poc

We can help you identify a pilot project or idea in your enterprise and can take the idea and turn it into a working application within 10 days

We can help you identify a pilot project or idea in your enterprise and can take the idea and turn it into a working application within 10 days. We will help you build an application based off of your needs. By collaborating with your developers and other essential team members, we can help integrate the application into your system and implement the features that you want. This is beyond Worklight training. Helping you design, build, and implement your visualized mobile application is a step toward mobile enabling your enterprise.