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Recent Webinar

Dec 20, 2018 at 2PM EST: IBM API Connect Overview & Use Cases

Speakers: Asim Siddiqui, IBM World Wide Digital Technical Leader focused on IBM API Connect & App Connect

Join Openlogix for this 45-minute webinar that will give you an overview of IBM API Connect, a short Demo, and finish up with a few case studies of how API is being leveraged at other companies to Gain Insights, Drive Innovation, Securely Unlock Assets and/or Expand Revenue Channels.

API Connect Features

Openlogix can help you maximize what API Connect offers.

Built in Analytics

Know your API usage

API Testing and Monitoring

Monitor your APIs

Developer Portal

Self Service portal for easy API Consumption

API Security

Provision and Secure APIs with ease

API Management

Versioning and Quota Management

Flexible Deployment

On Premise or Cloud Deployment

API Monetization

Payment and Billing your APIs

API Socialization

Promote and Build awareness

Licensing and Pricing Information

API Connect has various deployment and pricing options.


Free Starter API solution. Get Started right away.

50K monthly API calls


An enterprise-grade API solution - pay as you grow.

100K - 1B monthly API calls


Share your API calls between Cloud and your On-Prem.

100K Packs


Go directly to Cloud Foundry or OpenWhisk to try it out.


Openlogix can help you understand the deployment options, capacity planning, & sizing.
Licensing Information, pricing, and implementing API Connect

Ready for an API Connect Workshop, POC or Demo?

To learn how you can deploy new products and services faster, with improved operational efficiency and profitability, schedule a Proof-Of-Concept/Pilot with a few of your applications to establish the business ROI, and see for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get these questions all the time. If you have any other questions, please feel to reach out.

What features are included with IBM API Connect Professional?

Unified hybrid licensing is available as are additional API calls per month (per 100,000 API calls per month).

What features are included with IBM API Connect Enterprise?

Unified hybrid licensing is available as are additional API calls per month (per 100,000 API calls per month).

What is included from IBM Cloud?

You can get a percentage of API call volume of IBM API Connect Professional and API Connect Enterprise on IBM Cloud with no additional charge for cloud infrastructure and data transfer cost

What are the basic connectors?

Basic connectors include REST, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Couchbase, IBM Cloudant®, Neo4j, Apache Kafka, IBM z/OS® Connect, Whisk, Memory and Mail.

What are the advanced connectors for pre-production and production?

Advanced connectors include all of the basic connectors plus IBM DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA and SOAP

How can I find out if IBM API Connect is the right tool for my organization?

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