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Cyber Security as a Service
24x7x365 network monitoring.
LMNTRIX manages the complexity within the landscape of cybersecurity.
To catch a human, you need a human.
Despite recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, attackers are human
and the best way to counter a human attacker is with a human defender.
Adaptive Threat Response Platform
Often times, the difference between preventing a cyber attack or suffering a crippling loss
is simply knowing where to look for the signs of a compromise.
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Our partnership enables more cyber security options for our customers

LMNTRIX Offerings

Openlogix can help you maximize what LMNTRIX offers.


Advanced Network Threat Detection


Deceptive environment immobilizes attackers


Delivers an early detection and identification of adversaries


Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection & Response


Behavior Analytics, Incident Forensics & Breach Response


Deep & Dark web Intelligence


Search and analytics engine enabling scalability & reliance

White Glove

Special care of security and build awareness

What's wrong with
Traditional Cyber Security Approach ?

How is LMNTRIX approach different?


People are the most important aspect of LMNTRIX. It’s a cliché in virtually all areas of business, but it’s true. In cyber defense one good analyst can do the job of 100 mediocre ones and so at LMNTRIX the quality of our intrusion analysts is vastly more important than analyst quantity


While clearly defined processes are fundamental to achieving repeatable outcomes, at LMNTRIX we also understand that processes may need to be updated rapidly in response to new intelligence.


Often times, the difference between preventing a cyber attack or suffering a crippling loss is simply knowing where to look for the signs of a compromise.

  • Data Center Security & Certifications – The LMNTRIX Adaptive Threat Response platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services; however, our platform can also be deployed in-house if there are security compliance regulations or audit standards that preclude you from using cloud services.
  • Cyber Defense centers – At the core of our CDC is a strong foundation for operational excellence driven by well-designed and executed processes, strong governance, capable individuals and a constant drive for continuous improvement to stay ahead of the cyber adversaries

Frequently Asked Questions

Openlogix can help answer your Cyber Security questions.

Why should I buy LMNTRIX from Openlogix?

LMNTRIX leads with a partner delivery model and ongoing white-glove service, always doing all the heavy lifting and delivering actionable results to their clients. In a world with so many cybersecurity options, all claiming to be the best, Openlogix has thoroughly researched LMNTRIX’s suite of services and deemed them best-of-breed.

What services does LMNTRIX provide?

The LMNTRIX Adaptive Threat Response is a validated and integrated multi-dimensional threat detection and response architecture that hunts down and eliminates the advanced and unknown threats that routinely bypass perimeter controls.

What are the key elements of LMNTRIX’s services?

LMNTRIX’s services are composed of seven proprietary elements. Each element is powerful on its own. Combine them all together and that power is unprecedented. An offering so smart, so multi-faceted and so robust that attackers are quickly worn down and sent packing.

What is LMTRIX Detect?

LMNTRIX Detect is designed to catch those threats, known and unknown, that bypass your perimeter controls. It uses a proprietary virtual sensor to deliver integrated. multi -layer detect-in-depth capability.

What is LMNTRIX ThinkGrid?

LMNTRIX ThinkGrid is a sophisticated, developer-friendly query language covering structured, unstructured, and time-series data. It is not a SIEM, but it's the perfect replacement for a SIEM as it uses an open source search and analytics engine enabling scalability, reliance and extremely simple management.

How much does LMNTRIX cost?

We will need to know some basic information to provide you a custom quote. The information we’ll need from you will include the following: number of users, connection speed and number of end points … for starters. Then, we can configure a FREE trial version as a proof of concept for you to test LMNTRIX for yourself before buying.

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