What’s new in IBM MobileFirst 8.0

IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation V8.0.0 brings significant changes that modernize your MobileFirst application development, deployment, and management experience.

Building apps

The redesign of the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation SDK and command-line interface will give you greater flexibility and efficiency when developing your apps. Also, you can now use any of your preferred Cordova tools when you develop cross-platform apps. Now, you can integrate, build and deploy mfp (MobileFirst Platform) with ionic applications using the latest MobileFirst CLI (Command Line Interface).

MobileFirst APIs

New features improve and extend the APIs that you can use to develop mobile applications. Use the latest APIs to take advantage of new, improved, or changed functions in IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation.

MobileFirst security

The security framework in IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation was entirely redesigned. New security features were introduced, and some modifications were made to existing features.

Operating system support

IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V8.0.0 introduces support for Windows 10 Universal apps as well as Apple watchOS 2.

Deploying and managing apps

IBM MobileFirst Platform FoundationV8.0.0 comes with capabilities to help you deploy and manage your apps. You can now update your apps and adapters without restarting MobileFirst Server.

MobileFirst Server

The new MobileFirst Server helps you reduce the time and cost of deploying and updating your apps. In addition to the redesign of the MobileFirst Server, IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation expands the number of installation methods available.

IBM MobileFirst Analytics

IBM MobileFirst Analytics introduces a redesigned console with information presentation improvements and role-based access controls. The console is also now available in a number of different languages.

Push notifications

With IBM MobileFirst Platform FoundationV8.0.0, the push notification service is provided as a stand-alone service hosted on a separate web application.

See the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Developer Center for up-to-date documentation on the product.

Happy developing!!

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