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The Mobile World is the new frontier in which a well lit path has yet to be made. Some companies have planned journeys, others have trudged treacherous waters, and the rest have yet to start.

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First off, let me welcome you to this new place. There are many new things to see, understand, and implement as part as your growing business.

OpenLogix has gone mobile with a new mobile website and campaign. As one of the Mobile Solutions Developers, I will be offering understanding on how powerful modern web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 can be the building blocks to mobile sites that can size up close to the offerings of a today’s Mobile Applications.  However, resources aren’t enough to start building. You need a foundation, knowledge, and a plethora of tools. We understand this and have implemented a new strategy in helping tackle these needs. We know that with new territory comes new obstacles. New obstacles require new solutions. BIG ones.

OpenLogix BIG Solutions offers three pieces which provides for end-to-end capabilities.

Build. Integrate. Grow.

Build.We can help you build a solution if you don’t already have a plan. Mobility is the new frontier of the digital age. If you haven’t already, it is a great time to plan trip.

Integrate. We can help integrate with the strategy you have in place. If you already started your journey, let us help you organize and consolidate it into a secure foundation for the road ahead.

Grow. We can help you grow your solutions. As you get larger, your needs become greater. Experience familiar scalability as with other IBM products. IBM Mobile Foundation can help tackle your growing needs with end-to-end adaptability of the various aspects of change. Let us help you travel to new places.

IBM Mobile Foundation

Utilizing the IBM Mobile Foundation is key in enabling mobility.

IBM Worklight can brighten a way to cross-platform development.  It is brings another genre of Enterprise tools that companies of all different sizes should invest in. It is the toolbox, workbench, and command center of the mobile frontier. Front start to finish, the IBM Mobile Foundation can provide the beginning processes of development all the way to production and post-release control.

Build what you don’t have. Integrate with what you do. Grow solutions as you grow your company.

For more insight on mobile enablement, check out our Enterprise Mobility Practice.

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