WebSphere Process Server – The complete BPM Suite

There is a lot of buzz in the market right now for BPM suites. My last post about the various BPM suite vendors gives you a good idea on some of the vendors that I came across in the past few months. Over the past few days, I have been talking to a lot of customers about BPM and they are waiting for big vendors to come up with solid tools and suites around BPM. Ofcourse they are looking at IBM, Microsoft and Oracle among others.

IBM’s recent introduction to the Process Management world is the WebSphere Process Server (WPS).  WebSphere Process Server is the next generation process integration tools that was derived from the IBM WBI Server Foundation (WBI-SF).

The process server also comes with WebSphere ESB (a Lite weight version ESB). If customers are looking for some heavy hitting ESB, they have to go with the WebSphere Advanced ESB. One of the strongest integration brokers in the market (WebSphere Message Broker) is the inner core of this Advanced ESB.

Customers who were early adopters of Process Integration used WBI-Interchange Server (WBI ICS and MQ Workflow) are slowly migrating to WebSphere Process Server.

Enjoy the Spring, Steve Lokam

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