WebSphere Partner Gateway (WPG) – A Stable B2B platform

WebSphere Partner Gateway (WPG) is finally a stable B2B platform. I can say that comfortably, now that it is complemented by proven technologies like WebSphere TX, WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Message Broker. All these make a great SOA platform. Not only that, all these products are based on WebSphere Application Server on which the WebSphere Portals and WebSphere Commerce runs as well.

Global 2000 companies looking for a one-stop vendor in the SOA space for a complete end-to-end solution, they can certainly rely on IBM for that. IBM WebSphere provides a complete SOA platform for companies to do WebServices, B2B integration and Process Integration.

I am excited about the SOA offerings that IBM is currently offering and the way customers are embracing their technology. I have heard a couple of stories in the recent past where customers have decided to move away from vendors like webMethods, Vitria and SeeBeyond (Now Sun) to IBM’s SOA solution because of this very reason that they are a complete solution provider. The only thing that they dont provide is the enterprise applications, which is not expected of IBM anyway. They are an infrastructure company, not an applications company.

Once again, there is a great SOA story behind IBM WebSphere that is unfolding.

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