WebSphere Business Services Fabric (WBSF) or the SOA Fabric

Been busy with a new baby at home. U know the sleepless night and stuff. Did not get a chance to post any articles recently.

Anyway, lately have been hearing again a lot about SOBAs (refer to my previous post  on SOBAs). IBM is showing some heat again in this space with it recent acquisition of Webify and by branding it as part of their Flagship brand WebSphere. IBM’s WebSphere® Business Services Fabric (WBSF – formerly the SOA Fabric from Webify), is the new name for the acquired product SOA Fabric from Webify.  WBSF provides a complete process integration solution with SOA governance added to that. Using the WBSF, common business services can be used across multiple business processes across the enterpise, which enables IT to deliver solutions that can dynamically provide customized content based on the business context of the services in use.

BTW, you are in luck if you are in Insurance Industry or if you are in the Healthcare industry – as you can take advantage of WBSF’s pre-built industry SOA content. These industry specific content packs are only avaialble for these two industries and they are building more soon, I guess. The content in these packs include various industry specific commonly used business services & SOA models to make it easy for interoperability among IT systems &  partners; to facilitate SOA reuse and to achieve industry standards compliance like HIPAA and ACORD.

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