SOI – Services Oriented Integration and the Role of an ESB in SOI

I get this question all the time from some of my sales teams: If it is all about SOA, Web Services and the likes, what will happen to all the integration tools? The tools are still there, but a slight shift in the paradigm happened, forcing vendors to come up with new tools to support that shift.

Organizations are looking for web-services based connectivity and service-oriented integration between their applications. For such organizations, IBM came up with a solution: the WebSphere ESB. WebSphere ESB is based on open standards and SOA and is built on the robust WebSphere Application Server platform.

Now there is a the WebSphere Message Broker a.k.a WebSphere Advance ESB. Now how different is this from the regular ESB. Question that all us face all the time from the customers. Like I mentioned above, if it is all about SOI and Web Services based integration, then all you need is a WebSphere ESB, but if you need any-to-any tranformations to be done and you want universal connectivity and highly scalable routing, then you go for the Advanced ESB (WMB). Basically, Advanced ESB does all that the WebSphere ESB does, but also has additional functionality as well.

So, for more information, click on this linke: WebSphere ESB.


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