Migration to WebSphere Process Server (WPS) from ICS

This is follow-on to my earlier post “WBI ICS Migration“.

Lot of our customers lately (in the last one month) are talking about migration from WBI-InterChange Server (WBI-ICS) to WebSphere Process Server (WPS). I guess that is a logical next step in the SOA road-map for IBM WebSphere customers. There is a path and migration strategy that IBM is offering in terms of migrating from ICS to WPS and has enabled their partners help their customers do the same.

Lot of customers have chosen initially to implement WebSphere Process Server alone (independent of their ICS implementation). Once they feel comfortable doing that and once certain practices are established around WPS, then they are migrating their existing ICS interfaces to WPS.

Same is the case with MQ Workflow. The logical migration path for MQ Workflow is also WPS.

Steve Lokam

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