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Mobile applications are beyond the applications themselves. Mobile applications platforms address the concerns of security, integration, and multi-platform support. IBM Worklight is an application platform for both enterprise and consumer-side mobile apps. It is a broad spectrum application development platform that traverses the life-cycle of a mobile application.

Robust Security

Security is one of the top concerns for mobile adoption. IBM Worklight has a wide array of security measures to include app authenticity checking, application management, sql injection prevention, secure server connectivity, authenticity adapters, encrypted offline storage, and more. IBM Worklight provides developers, implementers, and administrators various ways to ensure a mobile application is secure from start to finish.

Cloud Integration

Mobile is dynamic, lightweight, and ever growing. IBM Worklight’s Server provides a consolidated location to tap into existing services, third party web api’s, and various databases. By utilizing both prepackaged and custom adapters, you can create a reusable gateway into your cloud.


Extensibility is vital in keeping an infrastructure adaptive and responsive. IBM Worklight is built on open standards and leaves rooms to enterprise to grow their solution. However, IBM Worklight is also part of a broader mobile application solutions platform to include scalable analytics, a secure private enterprise app store, deeper cloud integration gateway, mobile device management, and more.

Multi-Platform Support

Mobile applications alone can have varying degrees of stand-alone costs. However, cost for development, support, and ongoing maintenance for multiple platforms can high. IBM Worklight provides a way to cater to these needs in an time and cost efficient way. IBM Worklight can build, deploy, and manage cross-platform applications rapidly and efficiently.

worklight wednesdays

To learn more about IBM Worklight and other enterprise mobility topics, we host a monthly webinar called Worklight Wednesdays.

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