IBM Worklight Entitlements for WebSphere Portal Customers

Do you currently use WebSphere Portal? If so, you are entitled for IBM Worklight, the IBM Mobile platform.

IBM has recently added IBM Worklight entitlements to IBM Web Experience Software Offerings. What does that mean to you? It means that a multitude of current Portal customers get to use IBM Worklight Consumer Edition for two mobile apps.

“You are now entitled to use two IBM Worklight Consumer Edition mobile applications with WebSphere Portal.”
– IBM Software Announcement on Sept 25, 2012

Now you can extend the reach of your current licenses with a range of rich Hybrid apps built on IBM Worklight Consumer Edition. Read the FAQ Below for eligibility Web Experience packages on an active Passport Advantage® Software Subscription and Support contract.

What Web Experience Offerings does this entitlement apply?

  • WebSphere Portal Server V8
  • WebSphere Portal Enable V8
  • WebSphere Portal Extend V8
  • IBM Customer Experience Suite V8
  • IBM Intranet Experience Suite V8
  • IBM Collaboration Accelerator with WebSphere Portal Server V8
  • IBM Content & Collaboration Accelerator with WebSphere Portal Server V8
  • IBM Web Content Manager V8
  • IBM Content Accelerator with WebSphere Portal Server V8


What are the restrictions with this entitlement?

It is restricted to use only with IBM WebSphere Portal.All customers on active maintenance are entitled to the appropriate V8 offering. This entitlement is for active S&S Web Experience customers only. It does not include other offering such as Connections or Sametime unless they were acquired through a Web Experience offering.

How does the IBM Worklight Offering break down?

Eligible customers get two IBM Worklight applications per Enterprise on IBM Worklight consumer edition. They are entitled to it at no additional cost and there is no time limit.

How do customers download IBM?

The download package will be available to them through their PassPort Advantage account.

Electronic has been available since Sept 25, 2012. Media has been available since Oct 12, 2012 . If you need help building these applications or want more out of your Mobile Platform than 2 consumer applications, let us know. We can find a way for you.

For more information on IBM Worklight, visit our IBM Worklight Page. You can also see the IBM US Software Announcement.

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