Are your business processes dynamic and agile?

This morning I was talking to a customer about how to build dynamic business processes that can adapt to rapid changes in the business without having to re-implement the whole process. The answer is: WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition (WDPE), released in June of 2008, now in it’s latest release (WDPE version 6.2 to match up with the rest of the WebSphere SOA tooling) is an excellent tool for businesses that are implementing business processes that are dynamic in nature. Dynamic processes are built so that the process can adapt to rapid changes in the business.

In this economy, if you want to be competitive, business change is imminent and so is the need for agility in your business processes. WebSphere Dynamic Business Process Edition provides an excellent insight into your enterprise process contents or assets (EPC) and thereby empowering you to continuously optimize your business by dynamically reacting to the changes.

Can u change the business process, without changing the underlying enterprise process assets or content that were built by IT? Yes, if you have implemented those process assets using the WebSphere Dynamic Business Process Edition.

WebSphere Dynamic Process Edition includes these products to help you with the agile process implementation:

More on Business space soon! I am going to enjoy the glorious weather in Michigan today. It’s going to be around 80 next couple of days. Yey!

Steve Lokam

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