10 New Upgrades In IBM Worklight

Good just got better. IBM Worklight 5.0.5 is coming soon. With the update, there will be a lot of new features upgrades for developers to play with and companies to utilize in their mobile enterprises. Sometimes, default settings and features aren’t always as seamless as you would hope. However, it looks like they have gotten better in the new version of IBM Worklight. Hopefully, I am not the only one excited.

What is New?
  1. Production Level App Store – The app store based on the Worklight App Center is now a production level store. It was once used for development, but now it can go the full sprint.
  2. Better Platform Integration – From Worklight To Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices or Push Updates from CastIron to Worklight Server, the process has been simplified, streamlined, and made to integrate better with one another.
  3. Advanced Security Features – With Mobile Enterprise, security is important. Security is now more advanced and offers a better variety of tools for developers for securing these applications.
  4. Advanced Mobile Data Support – Worklight now uses a new embedded mobile database. Use it in conjunction with the encryption framework and offline data management/syncronization to provide more in your applications.
  5. Native API Support –  Native API’s like iOS, Android, and JavaME are now being supported. From backend integration, native authentication, analytics, and more.
  6. API Extensions – It is easier to integrate and expose 3rd party libraries with IBM Worklight. IBM Worklight is keeping to and ehnancing its open standards model.
  7. Expanded jQuery Support – Dojo Mobile support was nice, but many people are still use jQuery. So, Worklight now has jQuery support in the Rich Page Editor UI to include the WYSIWYG portions. That’s right! Drag-N-Drop your way to more rapid application development.
  8. Making BYOD more effective – Endpoint manager for Mobile Devices has been enhanced with better capabilities and controls. Whether you are selectively and remotely removing enterprise apps, working with the private Mobile Enterprise Application Store, or clearing your personal device password, Endpoint Manager can be your locale to do so.
  9. SMS Support – extending beyond IBM Worklight’s unified push notifications, SMS capabilities are now within digital reach.
  10. PhoneGap – We all wanted it. Now it has come. IBM Worklight 5.0.5 is being updated with a newer version of Apache Cordova (PhoneGap)

Like I said, good just got better. We are really excited to starting using IBM Worklight 5.0.5. If you would like more information on, visit our IBM Worklight page or the IBM’s Update Page for Worklight 5.0.5.


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