What is EGL?

I was recently at the IBM Software University, a IBM education event mainly for the IBM software group internal people and for business partners like us.

In one of the sessions, I discovered something called EGL stands for “Enterprise Generation Language”. Very interesting language.. this is why.. I have met many programmers who are typically experienced in developing applications in procedural languages (4GL) and find it very complex to program in Java. So, any one who does not want to learn Java, but would like to leverage all the benefits of Java, EGL provides a perfect way to do that.

Developers get to write their business code in EGL (Which I heard is very easy to learn), which then could generate Java or COBOL or RPG code for them, along with all the needed runtime artifacts. Sound easy??

Guess what, this is not something new that IBM came up with out of thin air, this has been there for quite some time and is part of the WebSphere and Rational products of IBM. As a matter of fact, you might already have it in your existing tool set, but you probably don’t know that..

For more on EGL, go to its website and learn more and see if you could leverage that.

Happy EGL programming..
Steve Lokam

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