Open Source and SOA – Are they killing the Software market?

This post refers to the post that Joe McKendrick wrote today in his blog about the effect of Open Source Software and SOA on the software market.

I sell a lot of software from a major software vendor
and I see this problem of OSS being a major competitor at many
occasions. Lately many customers are thinking twice before making a
decision.. Is there any OSS for this project..

However, this is good.
This make the Vendors sweat much more. They will try to innovate and
better software comes out eventually.. atleast that is the hope..

Why would a company like IBM open source Eclipse? There is something in it for them. Same with Sun and others..

OSS may be a big ploy from the big players to keep the small players away?? However, I dont feel that SOA is a software killer, but I feel that it is more of an IT Enabler and it is easy for any ISVs to get their products integrated into other applications easily.

Steve Lokam

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