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Modernizing integration with IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Are you looking to be able to modernize at your own pace, increase efficiency, & integrate flexibly? Do you also need to reducing the cost of integration and delivering new integrations 3x faster? Let us show you how IBM Cloud Pak for Integration (CP4I) can help you succeed by scheduling a workshop or a POC.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Information to help get you started on learning more about IBM CP4I.

Cloud Pak For Integration

Top IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Use Cases

Just a few ways clients are leveraging CP4I.

Unlock Business and Data Assets as APIs for Digital Transformation.​

Gain agility with modern Messaging and Integration architectures.​

Integrate SaaS applications.

Transfer and synchronize data and digital assets to the Cloud.​

Openlogix can help you understand the deployment options, capacity planning, & sizing.
Licensing Information, pricing, and implementing IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get these questions all the time. If you have any other questions, please feel to reach out.

What is IBM Cloud Pak for Integration?

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration brings IBM’s market-leading integration solutions into a single unified solution where the customer can start small and grow. CP4I is built with the user experience in mind and it includes new capabilities such as single sign-on, a common logging interface and a platform navigator for very easy navigation between the instances of the various components. CP4I also includes a unified installer which greatly simplifies the installation experience. All in all, it is an offer ahead of the competition and designed for new market dynamics.

What integration software are supported with IBM CP4I?​

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration supports: IBM App Connect Enterprise, IBM API Connect Enterprise, IBM DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition, IBM DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition Non-Production, IBM MQ Advanced, IBM MQ Advanced High Availability Replica, IBM Event Streams, IBM Aspera High Speed Transfer Server, &IBM MQ. CP4I allows the customer to start with one single product and then grow into other functionalities all with the same part number. ​

How is IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Licensed?

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration license is simplified with only 1 single part number and Virtual Processor Core or VPC based consumption matrix. In order to convert from the old Processor Value Unit (or PVU) metric into a VPC, use this quick conversion. 1 VPC = 70 PVUs.

How is IBM Cloud Pak for Integration deployed?

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration can be deployed in the traditional / on-prem method or in containers utilizing the included IBM Cloud Private Foundation, which is the IBM offering for managing Kubernetes and containers.

Can I move my traditional IBM integration product licenses to IBM Cloud Pak for Integration or do I need to buy new?

If you are currently running any of the IBM integration solutions that are part of the IBM CP4I you can move them to IBM CP4I licensing model with little to no change in over all cost of ownership. This then allows you to grow into other functionalities all with the same part number streamlining both the purchasing and renewal process moving forward.

How can I find out if IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is the right tool for my organization?

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